Addressing the ‘S’ In ESG: Supply Chain Social Performance Assessment and Roadmap

An approach to track and mitigate modern slavery and other social performance practices in global supply chains

ESG risk factors are pervasive in business; an estimated 40 million people and $150 billion in profits are tied to modern slavery in corporate supply chains alone. Modern slavery is first and foremost about the victims, but we can’t help the victim without addressing the risk in businesses and going deeper to address digitization of supply chains. Ignoring ESG issues, like modern slavery and other social performance measures, are detrimental to public perception, asset valuations, and meeting legal and moral obligations. Businesses need a roadmap and reliable metrics to get out in front of these risks to preserve and enhance stakeholder relationships, drive growth, and meet regulatory expectations.

The SCERTIFY Supply Chain Social Performance Assessment, part of a broader set of ESG assessments, uses KPIs to gauge the current state of the business and develop an action plan to help your company establish and achieve its sustainability goals. We incorporate data types critical to key use cases in modern slavery in global supply chains and ESG factors across company operations. These data types are used to establish metrics to determine an enterprise’s target sustainability performance.